The Problem with Belief. Also, Jordan Peterson in the Title.

Are you a bad person for not believing in God?

Belief is Participation

What does it really mean to believe in something, or anything for that matter? Do I believe in the existence of the keyboard I’m currently typing on? Well, sure that’s easy. I can touch it. I can show it to you. You can touch it too.

You are a Paradox unto Yourself

When I say that I believe in God the not-so-obvious question we should be asking within this brief moment of time is which I is expressing the belief? Is it the me who just ended an extended period of fasting and prayer and spiritual fellowship? Or is it the me who just witnessed a group of Christians justifying the unethical and inhumane detainment of foreigners at our country’s borders followed by news of another mass shooting followed by the eating of an entire pint of ice cream and a week of overcast skies? Because that me may not feel so sincere in the proclamation that I believe in God. And yet, in hindsight despite the intense feelings of situational doubt and the dishonesty of the moment perhaps I can still say that the me that is the core me, even then, still believed in God. It is as if my consciousness was a skyscraper and every floor suddenly became infested with termites, but the steel skeleton and the deep stone foundation holding it all together nonetheless somehow remained intact.

God: Is Complicated

Of course the most obvious problem with questioning a belief in God is what exactly is meant by G-o-d with all its 21st century baggage. Is God a bearded man hovering in the sky carefully watching over his unruly kingdom? Or is God just another word for some unifying and balancing force (or principle) responsible for suspending the universe on its eternal trapeze wire?

Jordan B(eliever). Peterson

Love him or hate him, Jordan Peterson has become an international phenomenon. Much of his popularity is in large part for his intellectual combativeness, regardless if you think intellectual is the appropriate adjective to describe these bouts. The Canadian psychologist is widely known for dissecting deep subjects often times to the scoffing of his anti-religious opposition. One of those topics is answering the apparently uncomfortable question that consistently gets launched at him: Do you believe in God?

And Yet Jordan Peterson is Right

The upshot of all of this is that Peterson inadvertently (or maybe through brilliant intentionality) exposes the total lack of belief in the believers themselves. It is not difficult for me to accuse myself of believing in my keyboard more than God himself. And yet I know from my own reason and faith that God should be the most real thing my puny brain can comprehend. So why do I tend to trust my own limited senses over the ultimate grounding for all of reality?

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